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Driving test pass rates - Don’t become a National Statistic!

First Time Driving Test Pass

Don’t become a national statistic in 2024…

According to Autoexpress magazine the National average pass rate for driving tests was only 48.4% in 2023. That means over 50% of candidates that turned up to take a driving test failed.

Luckily at Drive It School of Motoring our learners achieved much better results in 2023 at just under 90% when taking their driving test with one of our driving instructors.

But why is there such a big difference?

With Drive It School of Motoring you can expect:

  • Comprehensive coaching in both theory and practical driving skills.

  • Patient and friendly guidance to build your confidence.

  • Individualised lessons that cater to your learning pace and style.

  • A focus on safety, defensive driving techniques, and responsible road behaviour.

In a nutshell we work with our learners on a one to one basis and ensure that when they go to test they're actually ready and not just there to "give it a go" or only having been taught to just pass a test when in reality its much different being in the car on your own.

So why not make 2024 your year to become independent on the Somerset roads?

We have instructors in Minehead, Williton, Watchet, Taunton and Bridgwater offering both manual and automatic driving lessons.

Visit or call / WhatsApp 01984 555321 for more details.

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