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About driving lessons in Watchet, Somerset - Minehead to Taunton

Theory Test Practice

Students using Theory Test Pro are twice as likely to pass their theory test

Free Theory Test Pro App

Learners using Theory Test Pro are twice as likely to pass than the national average. 

All Drive It School of Motoring students get free, full and unlimited access to the Theory Test Pro App.  You can start practicing your theory before your 17. Get ahead of the game and start your theory test practice today with Drive It School of Motoring.

Sign up for a free Drive It School of Motoring Theory Test Pro account today.

Practice multiple choice and hazard perception tests

Theory Test Pro from Drive It School of Motoring has everything you need to pass first time. You can practice multiple choice questions by topic, hazard perception tests with feedback, or alternatively revise the highway code. When you're ready, you can put all of this together and see how you fare with a mock test.

Easy to use online interface, no software required

Access Theory Test Pro from anywhere with an internet connection, PC or phone, no software required

Official, up-to-date question bank directly from the DVSA

Don't settle for cheap books or CDs from unofficial vendors - Theory Test Pro uses official content directly from the DVSA. Theory Test Pro update their question bank automatically whenever the DVSA issues a new set of questions, too.

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