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Automatic Driving Lessons

Driving instructors for Taunton, Watchet, Minehead, Bridgwater

Drive It School of Motoring also provides automatic driving lessons as well as manual driving lessons.

Learning to drive in an automatic car takes out the worry of the manual gears.

Getting to grips with the clutch, gears and accelerator of a manual car isn’t easy and learning to drive in an automatic car has the following benefits:

  •     Gain confidence more quickly with no possibility of stalling.

  •     You’ll have more time to concentrate on the road ahead and aspects of driving other than changing gear.

  •     Automatic cars are better suited to stop/start urban driving especially in rush hour.

  •     Learn faster – you’ll probably need fewer lessons than with a manual car.

For more details on learning to drive in an automatic car contact Drive It School of Motoring for more details here or by calling 01823 299321.

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What people say about Drive It

caroline pass.jpg

"Paul is one of the most incredible humans out there. He is patient, friendly, kind, happy and a trustworthy person. I could not have asked for a better driving instructor. When I didn't believe in myself or had self doubt he picked me up and made me believe I could do it. I feel incredibly lucky to have had him in my life and for him teaching me. Thank you Paul for your time and effort in building my confidence up. It's been a pleasure."

Caroline, Watchet

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